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Services on maintenance of personnel reliability

  • screening of the employed personnel by means of techniques and unique procedures;
  • periodic scheduled check of the personnel admitted to a commercial secrets, dealed with material assets, money resources and the important documents;
  • purposeful check of the employees involved in transactions with the raised degree of risk;
  • carrying out of thematic researches (an estimation of respectableness, finding-out of hidden defects and predilections, problems with health, definition of a moral and psychological climate in the organizations, revealing of leaders and potentially dangerous persons, specification of personal data in connection with promotion, the criminal past, etc.);
  • dismissed personnel check;
  • check of persons outside of sphere of business (a house maid, drivers, security guards and so forth);
  • carrying out psichophysiological and graphological examinations during internal investigations;
  • carrying out of psychological unloading and trainings;
  • psichodesign;

Normally it's the employer who has to formulate problems for checks - that is definition of risk factors. If the list of the risk factors, presented to the expert, will appear incomplete or incorrectly made, the purpose of research will not be reached, and the persons who have hidden presence of deviations from employer requirements, won't be able to discover.

Most often clients define following themes for studying by experts:

  1. Check of data validity specified in the questionnaire (resume).
  2. Check of given documents validity (the passport, the identity card, the diploma, a work-record card, etc.).
  3. The true (hidden) reasons of leaving from the previous place of work.
  4. The true (hidden) reasons for work application (sent by competitors, criminal structures, planning of plunders, etc.).
  5. Revealing of insufficient professionalism, negligent attitude to performance of official duties on the previous place of work.
  6. Conflictness (a degree of participation, the instigator).
  7. Larceny, plunder (including information) on a former place of work, bribery, reception of "recoils", use of service position and time in the personal and mercenary purposes.
  8. Disclosure of the confidential information on former working place.
  9. Narcotic dependence.
  10. Alcoholic dependence.
  11. Hidden problems with health (including the mental plan), stirring to performance of official duties on new work.
  12. Financial reliability. Presence of large debt and other financial obligations.
  13. Hobbies for gambling especially to the detriment of business.
  14. Concealment of offences (criminal, administrative), including unknown to official bodies. Concealment of facts to be under court and consequence.
  15. The parallel business stirring in the future to work with full feedback.
  16. Hidden ties with criminal structures.
  17. Storageof not registered weapon, dangerous substances, etc.

The basic criteria of personnel suitability are:

Formation - should correspond to the established requirements. Knowledge should correspond to the diploma.

Health - any physical, psychological or intellectual lacks, essentially influencing on carrying out functional duties, should be reflected.

The use of drugs and alcohol - the casual use, on holidays in small dozes or regular abusing. In the latter case the person becomes a slave to bad habit and cannot answer for the acts completely.

Predilection for gambling on money - regular participation in gambling with large rates leads to lack of means and their plunder for satisfaction of the predilection.

Long term habits - propensity to change work, not paying off with debts, frequent dismissals because of incompetence.

The criminal past - charges in criminal activity or punishment for that in last five years.

Not opened offences - accomplished, but not detected crimes (purchase of stolen goods, concealment of incomes, requirements about unreasonable insurance indemnifications, ill-intentioned damage of material assets, run from a place of road incident, concealment of facts of money foundation though their owner is known, anonymous calls, etc.

Thefts on workplaces - thefts in recent times, a fake of financial documents, reception of money under the counterfeit documents, obvious bents to plunders.

Financial aspects - serious financial offences, debts, postscripts, financial or court proceedings, assignment of money.

As a result of researches clients receive:

  • healthy staff which is loyal to the employer;
  • system of measures to prevent duty offences;
  • effective means to prevent outflow of the commercial and service information;
  • the mechanism of the prevention occurrence of so called "schemes of withdrawal" material and money resources;
  • increase an overall performance of the personnel and significant strengthening of firm corporate image on personnel reliability parameters.