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Services on information security

  • the analysis of company information security conditions and preparation offers on complex system of protection construction (with application of hardware, program, physical and organizational measures);
  • consultation on problems of information leakage on electronic liaison channels;
  • development recommendations how to use technical devices and software to protect networks for elimination of concrete threats;
  • check of competence of the experts who are responsible for security issues of the company;
  • check of radio-electronic conditions in places of carrying out confidential negotiations and installation of special devices in such places;
  • providing of special equipment for secure storage of documentary and their protection at transportation;
  • consultation in question how to chose security means.

Information security is the informational and infrastructure protection from any casual or going influences as a result of which the damage can be caused to its owners.

The problem of information security consists of forecasting, prevention and averting of such influences, and also in minimization of damage.

Importance of information stability brings to the necessity to solve problem in complex. It means, that simultaneously and under the centralized management various means (equipment, rooms, program, mechanical, technical, organizational, etc.) should be applied. Thus "elements of the mechanism" should "know" all about existence each other, cooperate among themselves and provide corresponding productivity in conditions of influence of obvious and hypothetical internal and external threats.