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Legal services

  • preparation of the legal documents connected with trials in courts of the general jurisdiction or arbitration courts (statements of claim, petitions, claims, complaints, inquiries, information), and also documents of the general character (information, the legal conclusions, contracts, etc.);
  • representation of legal interests in arbitration courts, courts of the general jurisdiction;
  • conducting civil cases in courts of the general jurisdiction;
  • protection at criminal prosecution;
  • representation of client's interests and protection of his rights as the defender or the representative during preliminary investigation, in court of I-th, cassation and supervising instances;
  • rapid support by the on-duty lawyer (lawyer), if the client occurs in unforeseen situations, including in connection with actions of law-enforcement or other bodies (detention, a compulsory drive in bodies of inquiry or consequence, the conclusion under the guard, manufacture of dredging and a search and other actions of operative character), when client's essentially rights and interests are being limited;
  • the advisory help in connection with actions of law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation directed on restriction of legitimate rights and interests of the client, in the situations, which are concerned employees of the client or facts of his activity;
  • lawful maintenance of activity of legal persons
  • lawful examination of the business documentation;
  • legal support of negotiations;
  • registration of firms of the various organizational-legal form, changes in constituent documents, reorganization of the companies, including with full or partial foreign participation;
  • assistance and tracking enterprises privatization;
  • tracking the investment contracts;
  • tracking the affairs of inheritance;
  • tracking the matters, which are concerned family law;
  • tracking the transactions of purchase and sale of real estate;
  • maintenance of property rights registration process.


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