AIC Centurion 6 - Security service

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Protection services

Analytical services

Consulting services

Legal services

Information security

Personnel reliability

Organizational services

Educational services



Consulting services

  • consultation concerning efficiency of commercial activity and management;
  • development, analysis, coordination and representation of business-plans and investment projects;
  • construction of forecasts and financial models of activity;
  • estimation of a financial condition of the enterprise;
  • research of market condition and revealing of public opinion;
  • drawing up of feasibility reports and their tax optimization;
  • financial consulting;
  • accounting and tax consulting;
  • audit;
  • assistance in carrying out of service investigations;
  • revealing of channels of illegal distribution of counterfeit production;
  • preparation of recommendations on tactics of actions in view of features of conditions;
  • reception of the information on private questions;
  • search activity;
  • solving of other problems which are points of interest for the client.

Legality and quality of given services is guaranteed by presence of necessary licenses, the international certificates, insurance policies and accreditations.

The largest projects realized with Association support are:

  • estimation of the municipal real estate objects and of some cinemas in Moscow;
  • estimation of culture monuments in Moscow, the Moscow area, St.-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Nizhni Novgorod;
  • creation of business development and management optimization model for a trading office equipment shops network;
  • development business-plan of rest zone creation in Moscow;
  • development of feasibility reports on creation of large joint-stock companies for restoration and reconstruction of objects in Moscow;
  • development a business-plan of creation the organizations on rendering legal aid to the Russian citizens abroad (first project in Russia);
  • development a business-plan on modernization of a metal works manufacture for European Reconstruction and Development Bank to provide credit;
  • examination of analytical documents of other organizations;
  • examination of price parameters of transactions on purchase of agricultural machinery; - the economic analysis of some cultural and sports objects activity in Moscow.